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August 4, 2013
Nick Wolfe is famous in Chicago – or is that infamous? He’s not only known as the illegitimate son of Mafia boss Rinaldo Moretti, but also as an unstoppable ladies’ man.


He always seems to get the girl in the end, even when everyone around tries to plot against him. He’s a party guy, doesn’t work, and spends all his time picking up chicks and making notches on his headboard. 


He's the ultimate ladies man...or is that man-whore? Until he meets her, and she turns the tables on him.

A Message about Uncockblockable from Shay Savage

Uncockblockable is an offshoot story from the Evan Arden series about Nick Wolfe, the most uncockblockable man alive.  Nick first appears in Otherwise Occupied as the illegitimate son of Rinaldo Moretti, Evan Arden’s mafia boss.  In Uncockblockable, we learn more about Nick and what makes him tick – primarily ladies.  Though we do learn a little more about Evan through Nick’s eyes, this is ultimately the story of a man-whore finding out there’s more to life than just the next babe in his bed.


The real life Nick Wolfe is a friend of mine, and though the things that happen in this story aren’t really things that happened in his life, there is a definite tie in.  Nick’s twin brother, Brian, was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2012, and some of the proceeds from Uncockblockable will go to help with his medical treatments as he continues to fight for life.


As with Brian’s briefly mentioned character in Uncockblockable, Brian and Nick are both professional body painters.  You can find their work all over the internet under Evil Twin FX, and it will blow your mind.  They are also two of the most loveable and down-to-earth people I’ve ever met, and this was the best option I could come up with as a way to help out.  


I hope you’ll consider purchasing and reading Uncockblockable both for the story and in support of a great cause.  If you want more information, you can check out Brian’s Fight for Life page on Facebook: , and please consider additional support through Go Fund me: .


Thank you all!

Shay Savage


Update:  Brian Wolfe passed away October 15, 2013 surrounded by those who love him.  He will be greatly missed, but all who were touched by him will never forget him.






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