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This seems to be a common theme in a lot of the messages I have received since Otherwise Alone debuted on Amazon in December – will there be a second book? 

*Otherwise Alone Spoilers Below*​

It ends on a (necessary) low note, to be sure.  I think of it as something that is complete by itself, yet there is room to wonder what might happen down the road.  Did Lia ever come back to the cabin?  What did Lia do when she found him gone?  Does she figure out a way to find him in Chicago?  Will Evan go back looking for her later? Will Odin again enjoy "fetch" in cooler climates?

Lots of questions without answers, I know.  Will I continue it or leave it as it is?  It all depended on how well the story was received and if people wanted it to continue. 

I have been THRILLED by the response so far, which makes me go back and read the story again, which makes me think about the characters again.  I'm really, really glad people seem to have enjoyed it so much, and I’ve already started on Otherwise Occupied, the next book in the Evan Arden Series.  If all goes well, and I can keep working on it steadily, I think it will be out sometime in late Spring, 2013.  

After that, there may be a third book to follow.

Otherwise Alone Continuation

February, 2013

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