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~Describe yourself; what do you think about yourself and do you think people perceive you in the same way?

I’m not sure anyone is ever perceived the way they see themselves. Sometimes it will be “better” and other times “worse.” One of the things I have learned in life is that everyone is generally the same – we all have those hopes, dreams, and things that piss us off. We all want at least some people to like us some of the time.

I love to be the center of attention, and anyone who has been out and about with me realizes this. I’m also okay not being the center of attention, but I don’t prefer it. At the same time, I do not like being put on a pedestal, and don’t take praise well. I’m learning, but it’s very difficult. I think it depends on what people are saying, and if I happen to agree with it.


I think my best quality is being coachable – I like opportunities to better myself in a wide variety of ways, and will always listen to advice. I won’t always take it, but I will always listen.

As far as how others perceive me, it would vary widely based on in what setting they met me or typically interact with me. I am stubborn, and once I get something in my head I don’t tend to let go of the idea. That can come off as being bitchy or inflexible, but I always see it as determined. I try to say things the right way to make sure people understand what I mean, but it doesn’t always work. People who work with me have a different perception of me than people who only know me outside of work, which is probably pretty normal. Hmmm, only knowing you from your writing and online, I always got the impression you were shy and humble, and I think that's where your inability to accept praise comes in. I also find you funny! I'm the master of not expressing myself correctly, especially online because it's so easily misconstrued. I try so hard to say what I mean and make it clear, but as you said, it doesn't always work that way. Are you a Taurus? Because I am and I'm very stubborn.


~Which is the one television character that you simply adore?

This winter I started watching Dexter (Showtime), and I find his absolutely phenomenal as a character. Michael C. Hall plays him fabulously, and the Showtime writers are excellent when it comes to developing his internal and external characters. He has such a marvelous journey from the first season into subsequent ones – each one with its own lessons and character changes. Plausible, intense changes that make sense and have clear motivations.
It’s also got a lot of sick, twisted humor, which I quite enjoy.

I am horribly, horribly jealous. I wish I had invented him. I’m not sure I have ever said that about another television character. I love this show!


~Which is your favorite genre of movies?

I’m a big sci-fi buff – love Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien saga, Blade Runner, Fifth Element, Predator, etc. Anything with aliens and explosions in it is for me. I don’t usually watch “chick flicks,” though my husband loves them and I am forced to watch them occasionally. Action movies are great, too. I will put up with a good action movie because there tend to be enough explosions to make up for the lack of aliens. Anything with Vin Diesel in it, too.

~If you could have a luncheon with any three people (real or fictitious/from any time period/dead or alive), which three people would you choose and why?


Ok – I thought about this for a while, and ultimately determined I have a horribly sick sense of humor, so bear with me. I want a luncheon with Rush Limbaugh, Valerie Solanas (look her up if you don’t know her – wikipedia is your friend), and Robin Williams. Really, I don’t think I have to explain it any more than that. Can you imagine? I mean, there would be in the instant, chloric acid-like chemistry between Rush and Valerie, and then you throw Robin and his “legalized insanity” into the mix and…dang. I’d just sit back with a drink and watch. I would also want a chance to start a betting pool on which one of them Robin would drive out the door first. Oh, God. I could just see Robin with his crazy imitations and mocking behavior during the lunch. Priceless! Send me an invite if you ever get them together.

~What is your idea of fun?


I love to get to know new people. I like telling my favorite life stories again, and I like hearing other people’s favorite stories about themselves. You get such an intense initial conversation with someone you want to know, and I don’t think anything else compares. It’s like first-time sex – everything is new, exciting, and sometimes a little uncomfortable, but ultimately very satisfying.
I also quote a lot of movies, and new people haven’t heard me say all those lines before, and it makes me sound funnier than I am.

~If you were stranded on a lonely beach, what are the five things that you would want to survive?

After researching survival at sea to write Surviving Raine, I have learned several things in this area! The first thing I want – a large, clear plastic sheet. There are so many uses for it; I can’t even begin to name them. Most important would be for the collection of water. Second, I want a detailed book on edible plants in the area and how to prepare them for eating. Next, I want one hundred feet of good, stout rope. Fourth, one of those kits with a bunch of knives in various sizes, which also come with a sharpening stone.

The last thing would be an endless decanter of pomegranate martinis. It’s amazing how easy it is to live without the necessities when you have some of the luxuries (I think that’s a quote from Pitch Black).


Thank you so much, Shay for stopping by. It's been a privilege and an honor.



Italian Brat Interview with ShaY Savage

In the attempt to help Indie Authors, I'm so excited that my first interview is with the incredible Shay Savage. I have read a lot of Shay's work and I have to say, she's always left me touched in one way or another. I definitely have some favorites of hers and look forward to reading her published work, because she really is that good. So, let's see what she has to say as she answers a few questions for me, and then you'll get to see her new book. Otherwise Alone will be free on Amazon March 1-3. Links are below. ​Enjoy!

- Jenn


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