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Evan is in hiding... well let's call it hiding. One day, a stranger comes walking across his path and it just happens to be a really pretty lady :D

As you can imagine... a man left alone for quite some time... a beautiful woman crosses his path... ummmm... yes... you get what I'm saying lol... but what you don't get, is the hot magic author Shay Savage creates in this book :D


It's ffff-freaking crazy sexy-hot!


The writing is clean, neat and enjoyable. With that I don't mean the book is "clean"... I mean that the author has an obvious knack for writing something that's easy to follow and understand. Nothing fancy, just comfortable and well written :D

Written in Evan's POV, Otherwise Alone is on the short side and I

admit that I didn't like being left hanging at the end... BUT I was so happy when I was told there would be a second part [Otherwise Occupied] and I'll definitely be falling over my feet to get it.

In addition, Shay Savage has made me eager to read her previous works. Definitely an author to keep an eye out for :D



CBL Review of Otherwise Alone

Otherwise Alone is definitely one of those books that are unlike any I've read before. I seriously don't think I've read anything even remotely close to the plot that takes place in this book. It's definitely unique to me - And that's refreshing!

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