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There’s a moment when it comes to amazing books.

Whether you find it in the middle of a sentence, the last page of a chapter, or when that titanium, paper-like wire of sexual tension *finally* gives.

It’s the moment where you realize that the book you’re reading completely and irrevocably owns you.

So I’m going to do the one thing I hate doing: I’m going to spoil this book for you, by telling you that this book?

It has that moment.

You’re going to set it down. And then you’re going to find yourself picking it right back up five minutes later (if you can last that long… personally, I only made to about 4.5). Because you just can’t be away from it for any long increments of time.

It’s the kind of book that’s going to make you have a *very intimate* relationship with your coffee maker, while simultaneously making you divorce your sparkly alarm clock.

This is your only warning.


♥ Bastian ♥


The antagonistic protagonist we all love.

Let’s see… how can I best describe him…?


Let’s say Bastian was thrown into the Hunger Games with every alpha/most badass/hottest character you’ve ever stumbled across.

Fifteen minutes later, Bastian would be the last one standing with a still full bottle of vodka intact to his hand, a cigarette in the other, and a slightly annoyed look on his face.

Yep. That basically sums him up..

He’s mean and crude and mean and crass and mean and


“I could do it, you know,” I heard myself say. My voice had dropped down low, but I knew she still heard me. I leaned over only a little, bringing my mouth closer to her ear. “I could make you come without even touching you.”

He’s also a captain of a small ship, which he and his best friend use to charter rich people around the world.

Until said ship sinks.

And all he’s left with is a seemingly lone young and very female survivor and a safety raft.

♦ Raine ♦

Surviving Raine Review

The polar-opposite of Bastian.
And she has utterly no idea how to handle the beast of a guy she’s suddenly stranded with.
Because without
• a bottle of precious alcohol
• a pack of cigs
• any form of a kind word
That’s exactly what good ol’ Bastian is: a beast.
However despite Bastian’s past career as a “fighter”, and despite his darkest secrets… Raine may be the only one who ever understood him and stood up to him.
“I held you,” she said. “I held you, and you cried, and you asked me why no one had ever wanted you. You asked me why your own mother didn’t want you. You asked me why it hurt so much and if I could make it stop hurting. I may not know a lot about you, but I know you aren’t as much of a badass as you want people to think you are.”
So what becomes of Bastian and Raine, the lone survivor of his sunken ship, who he can’t decide if he wants to kill or f**k?
Can he learn to trust the one person who now knows all of his secrets?
Can he even love her?
Or does he ruin the one chance at his own mental survival?
“Stop shutting me out.”
“I never let you in baby,” I sneered.

*** This ARC was kindly provided and happily received in exchange for an honest review. ***

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